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Experience the considered approach to success

What can we offer your business?
Camlee offers a full range of business sale, acquisition and fund raising services. Our combined knowledge and expertise ensures we understand your business and its objectives, so that we can create a perfectly tailored strategy for you.

Deciding to sell your business is a huge decision and that’s why we handle the process sensitively and confidentially from day one. We begin by gaining an insight into your business and conducting a thorough review. This ensures your business stands up to a due diligence process and is essential in maximising its value. Only then do we decide on the right sale strategy. This ranges from directly approaching a credible buyer, through to preparing your business for competitive bids. Whatever option is right for you, you can be certain that our director led approach will ensure expert negotiation and attention to detail throughout the process.
There are many ways to plan your succesion and your management team could be the perfect solution. We have extensive experience in negotiating and facilitating successful management buyouts. Our strong relationships across the equity and debt markets, give us great insight into investor strategies. This enables us to present options we know are achievable in terms of capital structure and equity investment. To create a highly attractive proposition we work closely with you and your management team, which is presented to carefully selected private equity buyers and banks. Like all our services, our skilful negotiation and meticulous management in handling this distinguishes us from the market.
Sometimes a trade sale isn't the most appropriate solution and we can advise business owners who’d like to partially or totally sell their business to a new management team. Equally, we have a wealth of experience in advising individual managers and teams on how to successfully buy companies when supported by private equity and debt funding. Alongside our efficiency and impressive negotiation skills, strong relationships across these particular markets, including with main stream mid-market funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and alternative non-bank debt funds, allows us to add significant value when conducting this process. 
Our proven, research driven methodology is an invaluable tool for acquirers looking for both UK and overseas acquisitions. When approaching an acquisition mandate, we work with you to understand your business plan and analyse how potential acquisition targets will enhance this,  building relationships with key decision makers to accomplish your goals.We can provide valuations and advise on the best way to structure and finance a deal. We’re flexible in our approach, so you can choose how much of our help you need. We can lead the negotiations, or simply assist you with the finer details. Our team can also project manage the due diligence and legal process, helping you to appoint other advisers if you need them whilst driving the deal to a successful result.
Camlee has a range of team members who specialise in private equity and growth capital funding. Their expertise and knowledge has built us a great reputation when working with business owners and management teams to raise essential funds to accelerate growth, help with product development or pursue an acquisition. We’re also skilled in managing a partial sale to release capital for shareholders whilst maintaining executive control. Our key relationships in the equity and debt markets mean we can help you realise your plans.
An important part of our service includes taking a long-term approach to prepare your business for sale, while increasing its value. This is where our unique and tailored service comes into its own. We undertake a thorough analysis of your business, assessing its strengths and weaknesses. Our team identifies the characteristics that enhance its value alongside areas that need attention, which we will then work with you to address. Running in parallel, we also investigate potential global trade buyers, to establish a realistic view of the market. By matching this data with your objectives, we determine the best option for your business, be that a full or partial trade sale, a private equity transaction or a flotation.