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Expert advisers treating your business like it’s our own

Proudly IndependentProudly Independent

Established in 2003, the company has forged a reputation in the marketplace for offering realistic and informed advice on performance management and succession planning. Having been through the business sales process themselves, the owners are well placed to provide a holistic view on this lifechanging process.

Sector FocusedSector Focused

We specialise in six industry sectors where we’ve developed considerable market intelligence and industry connections. Consequently, we know that we can confidently deliver your objectives. Our team of advisers have the transactional knowledge and experience, to deliver acquirers with the financial resources and acquisitive appetite to conclude a deal.

Small PortfolioSmall Portfolio

We provide a partner-led and customised service to typically no more than thirty clients per year. This is the complete opposite to many of the large business sales brokers, who can be working with in excess of a hundred clients at any one time. By choosing to work with a small number of clients, we can take the time to understand your business in greater detail and are able to develop a bespoke divestment strategy from a financial and cultural perspective.

Intelligence Led ResultsIntelligence Led Results

Camlee’s buyer network is global in nature and developed as a result of extensive due diligence. Our profiling techniques are extremely progressive with a view to identifying a shortlist of acquirers with the necessary means and motivation to conclude a transaction. We don’t subscribe to mass marketing. Not only do we feel this is a lazy and ineffective way to conduct an exercise, but more importantly you run the risk of customers, suppliers and employees being notified.

Trusted AdvisersTrusted Advisers

Like our clients, we are business owners, and therefore understand the significance of the process. We are acutely aware that this is likely to be a one-off event, and therefore it is imperative that all our clients receive an accurate assessment of their financial interests; the advice we give is based on fact rather than fiction. We don’t employ salespeople, only professionally qualified individuals who convey realistic and topical guidance on valuations, deal structures and process. 

Globally ConnectedGlobally Connected

Almost 50% of the divestments we have worked on have been to an international buyer. With excellent connections in the UK and overseas, we’ve transacted globally, including in the US, Canada and Europe. Besides great partnerships, we have our own extensive network of investors in the fastest growing commercial areas in the world. Alongside this, our robust research focussed approach, means that our advisers are kept abreast of current developments and emerging markets.